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We will create a bot for you that does what you want it to do. Whether it's a blackjack bot you need a roulette bot,or a baccarat bot or even an online real estate bot, we either have it already made or we will custom create it. We do bots for business systems and processes and also offer roulette extreme system coding and testing.

Our timescales for creating your bot range from 2 days to 14 days - you will know exactly when you will be receiving your bot and we ARE the cheapest bot creators around

Check out some examples of our bots to the left and right or go straight to our examples page for some further examples:

Offer:FREE 10,000 LIVE/RNG spins for RX testing - .RMD file included so you can see how your system progressed Offer:Bot is free if not delivered on due date News:FAST turnaround - 2days if required! News:Be sure to read the information on our Welcome page so you know you are receiving our genuine service
There are endless requirements for automated robots worldwide, such as automated roulette bots, automated poker bots, etc, and we recognise that whilst you would like some things automated, you do not have unlimited funds to spend. Which is why we keep our prices LOW and keep the quality HIGH.

You can take a look at some of our already exisiting bots here, or if you would like some further information as to what a bot is please visit here

If you know exactly what you want and want to waste no further time, simply send us an email and we will get back to you within 24hrs. Please visit the contact page for further details or order here

FREE automated robot/bot download...

If you would like to experience what an automated robot can do first hand - click here to download the above example robot to your computer. It is an absolutely secure script. Just download to your desktop, open up the .exe file and don't touch anything. You may have to click "continue" on the first go (when firefox opens), but just restart the robot again after doing this.

Note you must have Mozilla Firefox and MS Outlook installed to the default locations in order for the bot to function correctly. If you do not, then we will happily provide you with an automated robot free of charge for demonstration purposes, relative to programs you have installed on your machine. Just contact us, or peharps leave a note on the guestbook (to the right).

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