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None of our pre-made bots have gambling systems implemented within them.None of our bots are our customer's bots. We value the privacy of our customers and their chosen gambling systems, therefore we do not disclose any system a customer has asked us to create into a bot. The bots you can buy/hire that are pre-made, are generic bots, such as roulette spin collector bots and other types as mentioned below in the table.

Hire or Purchase?

Hire a pre-made bot - You can hire one of the bots mentioned below in the list. Prices vary but generally it is cheaper to hire a pre-made bot rather than to purchase outright. The hire is for a month from the date you receive the bot from us. The bot will then not operate until you make a further payment for the next month.

Purchase a pre-made bot - If you don't want to deal with the hire of a bot, you can purchase it outright. This means there will be no limitations and you can use it whenever you like. Obviously purchasing a pre-made bot costs more than hiring one. Our pre-made bots will work on only one of the customer's computers. This measure ensures the bot cannot be distributed to anyone else.

Pre-made bot codes

At the bottom of this page is the order form. You will need to have a look to see what the code of the bot(s) is you would like to purchase or hire and select them in the order form. Please see below for the Bot codes,descriptions of what the bots do and the purchase and hire costs. We update this list frequently with new pre-made bots, so if there is a bot you would like to see here, please email or fill in the contact form

Depending on the casino the bot is for, the spin collector bots for example can collect the following information: All of the above is obviously subject to the casino you play at, ie: if the dealer names are not displayed on the casino you play at, this data cannot be collected.

Pre-Made Bots Order Form

After you submit this form, we will review it and email you back with the total cost of your order