£20 Roulette Spin Collection Bot

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For just £20 you can purchase right now a roulette spin collector bot already made and ready to send to you. We have made a universal roulette spin collector bot which collects spins at the casino(s) listed in the order form below.

The bot is this cheap because it collects spins only and outputs these spins to a .txt file. It also records the time and date of when the spin was collected. An infinite amount of spins can be recorded using this bot automatically, so you don't have to sit at the computer and collect them manually.

If you are after a spin collection bot which has more collection features, then perhaps consider our Premade bots order page.or get a custom bot created.Obviously our premade bots cost more because a lot more work has gone into their development.

However if it's just the numbers you are after collecting at a casino, then this bot is the one for you. We shall be adding more bots in due course.

Upon submitting the form, we will get in contact with you via the email address you provided, to take payment, and to send you your bot.

£20 Spin Collector Bot