Pricing Guide

Due to the diversity and complexity of what any one bot may involve, it is extremely difficult to create a set pricing guide. However we are aware that you would like at least some indication as to the cost of your bot. Therefore please see the below, regarding what you should expect as a minimum.

Bot Pricing


The above is solely a guideline, however 7 times out of 10, customers choose the first option. The bot is generally completed before 14 days, however we set this as a guideline.
You should read the terms which indicates what exempts the bot from becoming free if it is not completed within the timescale quoted. We are not trying to create a "false economy", the terms are quite simply common sense, but we urge people to read them so they cannot claim we have not made them aware of the terms.

Complexed and Standard Bots

8 times out of 10 the bot will be a standard bot. A standard bot is generally a bot which can be created within the most shortest time period (4 days) without any issues.
A complexed bot is one which involves a great deal of additions from the get-go (such as graphs/system implementation/custom settings), however before development is started you will be made aware if this is the case.

We will be 100% honest with you because if you are satisfied, you will hopefully tell a friend!

If you have any issues or queries, as always please get in touch

Roulette Xtreme System Coding Pricing


OFFER: "Purchase a bot within 7 days of receiving the coded RX System and the RX System cost is knocked off your final bot cost"

There are terms so please read them. The terms are common sense and simply state that at LEAST 50% payment for the bot creation needs to have been received within the 7 days before you qualify for the offer. This basically stops people from contacting us within the 7day allocation stating they want a bot and would like the offer, and then delaying the bot process for another month, just in an attempt to lock in the discounted rate. Once again, it very rarely happens, but we have to state this clearly.

We notice that most people actually genuinely want their system tested first, and do not know if they would like to proceed with a creation of a bot thereafter, so keeping in line with our policy of keeping COSTS LOW and having the "little man's interest" in mind, we have put those customer's interest first.

Example of this offer being accepted:

Example of this offer being denied:

OFFER:"RX Testing for FREE (on request), 10,000 LIVE OR RNG spin test with RX Session file provided to customer"

We provide customers with FREE 10,000 spin RX Testing with the system you request coding in Roulette Xtreme. We can provide 10,000 LIVE or RNG recent spins. We can also provide a further 50,000 spins upto a maximum of 200,000 spins. Each further 50,000 spin increment, we charge just 5Euros, with the initial 10,000 free of charge. After the testing, we provide the Roulette Xtreme .RMD file to the customer so they can load this in roulette extreme so they can see how their system performed, bet placements etc.

NOTE:"Your RX System is coded using different software which means we can get your system to you within 2 days if required"

We primarily use different software (scripts) to code your systems in Roulette Extreme. Whilst this has the advantages of being able to get your system coded and sent to you within 2 days, it does have the slight downfall that it is not as fast to run through the system (for testing) as roulette extreme coding does. However, we note that RX coders themselves cannot code some complex systems because of the limitations of RX coding, so we have an advantage of being able to code ANY system at the slight cost of time it will take for testing.

However you'll note above it does say "primarily", meaning we do have RX coders who code DIRECTLY into RX if this is prefered by you.

So what's the difference?

RX code is notoriously difficult at times, even the best programmers take weeks if not months to complete just one script (subject to complexity of system), because we use third party software to do it, not only can we program ANY system you can devise... but it can be done quick!